Manufactured Home Kitchen Ideas: Tips For A Stylish And Functional Space

By | March 28, 2023
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If you’re living in a manufactured home, you might think that your kitchen space is limited. However, with some creativity, you can turn your small kitchen into a stylish and functional space. In this article, we’ll provide you with some manufactured home kitchen ideas that will help you maximize your space while creating a beautiful kitchen that you’ll love to cook in.

1. Opt for Open Shelving

If you want to create an illusion of a larger kitchen, consider installing open shelving instead of upper cabinets. Open shelves can make your kitchen feel more spacious and airy. Plus, they provide you with an opportunity to display your favorite dishes or cookbooks.

2. Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a great addition to your manufactured home kitchen, especially if you need more counter space or storage. You can choose a portable island that you can move around, or a permanent one that can also serve as a dining area.

3. Use Light Colors

When it comes to color choices, lighter shades can help make your kitchen feel more spacious. White or light-colored cabinets, walls, and backsplashes are great options. You can also add pops of color with accessories and decor items.

4. Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting can not only make your kitchen look more stylish, but it can also provide you with better visibility while cooking. You can choose from different types of under cabinet lighting, such as LED or puck lights.

5. Maximize Storage Space

Storage can be a challenge in a small kitchen, but there are ways to make the most of your space. Consider installing pull-out shelves, hanging pot racks, or using a magnetic knife holder. You can also use the space above your cabinets for storage.

6. Choose the Right Appliances

When choosing appliances for your manufactured home kitchen, consider their size and functionality. Compact appliances are a great option for small kitchens. You can also choose appliances that are energy-efficient to save on your utility bills.

7. Add a Backsplash

A backsplash can add a touch of style to your kitchen while also protecting your walls from splatters and spills. You can choose from different types of backsplash materials, such as tile or glass.

8. Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point in your kitchen can draw the eye and make the space feel more inviting. You can choose a statement piece, such as a colorful rug or a piece of art, to create a focal point.

9. Use Wall Space

Don’t forget about your walls when it comes to storage. You can install a pegboard to hang your pots and pans, or use hanging baskets to store fruits and vegetables.

10. Keep it Clean and Organized

Finally, to make the most of your manufactured home kitchen, it’s important to keep it clean and organized. Make sure to clean up any spills or messes as soon as they happen, and regularly declutter and organize your cabinets and drawers.


By following these manufactured home kitchen ideas, you can create a stylish and functional space that you’ll love to cook in. With some creativity and the right design choices, you can turn your small kitchen into a beautiful and inviting space.

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