Nursing Home Room Ideas For Comfortable And Homey Living

By | March 29, 2023
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Adjusting to life in a nursing home can be challenging, but with the right mindset and room setup, it can feel like a comfortable and homey living space. In this article, we’ll provide tips and ideas for making the most of your room and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Choose Comfortable and Supportive Furniture

First and foremost, it’s important to choose furniture that is comfortable and supportive. Look for a bed with an adjustable height, firm mattress, and supportive pillows. Consider adding a comfortable chair and a small table for eating or reading.

Add Personal Touches

Adding personal touches to your room can make it feel more like home. Hang pictures or artwork on the walls, display family photos on a table, or bring in your favorite blanket or pillow from home.

Bring in Natural Elements

Natural elements like plants, flowers, and natural light can help create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Consider placing a small potted plant on a table, hanging a bird feeder outside your window, or opening the curtains to let in natural light.

Consider Technology

Technology can make life in a nursing home more comfortable and enjoyable. Consider bringing a tablet or e-reader to read books or watch movies, or invest in a smart speaker for playing music or getting news and weather updates.

Keep it Organized

Clutter can make a room feel small and overwhelming. Keep your room organized by using storage solutions like bins, shelves, and drawers. Consider investing in a closet organizer or under-bed storage containers to maximize space.

Make it Accessible

If you have mobility issues, it’s important to make sure your room is accessible. Consider installing grab bars in the bathroom, using a shower chair or bench, and placing important items within easy reach.

Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Staying connected with loved ones is important for mental health and wellbeing. Consider setting up a video call schedule with family or friends, or ask staff to help you write letters or send emails.

Participate in Activities

Participating in activities can help you stay engaged and connected with others. Consider joining a book club, playing games with other residents, or attending a music or art class.

Stay Positive

Finally, it’s important to stay positive and focus on the things that bring you joy. Take time to appreciate the small things, like a beautiful sunset or a good meal, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or support when you need it.


With a few simple adjustments and personal touches, your nursing home room can feel like a comfortable and homey living space. Use these tips and ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that supports your physical and mental health.

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